IFS certificate – closing the year

In Manufacturas Salomón S.L. we end this year with very positive news. We are pleased to inform you that we have obtained the IFS certification.
This food safety certificate allows us to guarantee that all our products have the maximum quality guarantees.

We are very happy to share these achievement with you, and may our commitment to customers be rewarded, with the quality of the products offered.

Obtaining this certification has been possible thanks to the involvement of all the people who work at Manufacturas Salomón. A commendable work of the entire team that is part of this great company, which was joined by a significant investment in structural modifications.

This will undoubtedly help us ensure the growth of our company in the coming years, in addition to strengthening business with greater confidence with all our customers.

Finally, we want to wish you a HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a Happy New Year 2023.